JP Millenix

Still the story the other day about the Mortal World. On the same day, Indonesia Looking for Talent contestants also Dufan streets.
Previously only three reasons I switched on the television: news, football game and a good movie out (I rarely watch television. You know yourself what kind of televisions most). But there are programs that began to attract my attention. Indonesia Looking for Talent (IMB), which aired on the channel We Belong Together. The concept of a good show: the archipelago. Displaying the talents of choices from various regions in Indonesia.
I've followed this event two weeks ago, thanks to this little child to see performances. JP Millenix. A young drummer, a girl anymore. Still small but okay banjet game. His skills well above average. On the IMB last week, his style drum rock abis. Cool! The game is very similar to Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater), which diidolakannya. Lars Ulrich (Metallica) is also one of inspiration.
JP Millenix also not forget one other important aspect: to enjoy the game. Throughout the action, he seems enjoy and always smiling. It's really a soul entertainer.
This week JP Millenix still safe position, meaning I could still see action in the following weeks, until the final round, perhaps. Hehee .. JP Millenix Go!

JP Millenix Drummer Girl

JP Millenix Drummer Girl Looking for Talent Talented in Indonesia. JP Millenix, maybe for those of you that name is unfamiliar name in Indonesia because he was not a celebrity. But if you always follow the impressions Indonesia Looking for Talent in one of the private TV in this country would know the name. Yes, JP Millenix including one of the Talent Search semifinalists Indonesian arena. Little girl about 8 years old it always hypnotize the audience with the ability to beat the drum.

Judging from his young age, JP Millenix practically have exceptional skills in drumming. Even when one of the jurors make comments about her appearance there is the less, he already knew and answered it before the jury mentioned drawbacks. One again when JP Millenix erotomania rendition of Dream Theater's play he was so relaxed. Though Dream Theater songs including difficult. And thumbs up to the Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy, had seen the appearance of JP Millenix, in praising Mike twitternya account Millenix JP ability in beating the drum.

This video appearance when JP Millenix erotomania's rendition of Dream Theater in Talent Search competition Indonesian.
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